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hey guys, just joined, i just purchased th coheed graphic novel... and i must say its one of the most complicated shit i have ever read. For one thing, what is the difference between Erica Court and Newo Ikkin... and basically whats going on in the whole friggin novel and how does it relate to the first to comics.
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The graphic novel is from the writer of the coheed & cambria story's perspective. So basically it's a layered effect. There is a writer writing the Coheed stories, and this graphic novel is about that writer. The writer bases the coheed story on his life experience, so Erica Court is the inspiration for Newo Ikkin. And there are real life parallels from each of the stories to Claudio, of course.

If you need that explained more, just let me know!
I thought Nikki Owen was the inspiration for Newo, and Erica was the inspiration for Ambellina, and that why he had to kill Ambellina off...?

I could be wrong, though, I don't even have the graphic novel yet. =3 Just going by what I've heard.
I think Erica Court= Nikki Owen, like in REAL real life. And we're just not supposed to talk about it (like that'll stop anyone, though!).
Hmm. I don't have the novel either, so I'm just going on hearsay as well. I did hear the Erica/Ambellina thing, but I thought the novel was about the "writer" (another Claudio creation) of Co&Ca, so it made more sense that Erica would be the writer's "real" life Newo or Ambellina.

And yes, Nikki was the inspiration for Newo, so that's a connection from REAL life to Co&Ca, but I thought Erica was the fake Co&Ca writer's inspiration for Ambellina. I dunno. Trying to explain the layered effect when I don't even have the novel is really confusing me.. lol. Guess I'll have to go get it when I get enough money.
that's what i think too. since newo was based on nikki, he killed off her character earlier in the story, or at least something happened to her so she's not part of the story anymore.

erica was the inspiration for ambellina because (my theory) while claudio was actually writing the story he was dating erica, and then she cheated on him, and he couldn't let the character of ambellina live because of it.

and i just thought of this now while typing this, when he sees erica in newo's house it show's that they are they same KIND of person, not the same person. erica is not above nikki/newo like he originally thought.
erica was the inspiration for ambellina because (my theory) while claudio was actually writing the story he was dating erica, and then she cheated on him, and he couldn't let the character of ambellina live because of it.



October 9 2005, 19:29:48 UTC 11 years ago

its still kind of hard to figure out the whole erica/newo thing, since claudio is the characters name AND name of the writer and singer for coheed, i kind of get lost in which claudio you speak of
I think everybody is trying to distance this story farther from the real life Claudio than they should. The writer is Claudio. He's writing about himself. Obviously not LITERALLY what happened to him, but when you write you can do that kind of stuff! Notice in the GN that a few frames are actual pictures of Claudio all photoshopped up to look like they were drawn that way. He's writing about real-life experiences, but twisting it to make this extremely intricate story.
As for the whole Newo/Ambellina/Erica Court/Nikki Owen thing, it's basically like this: Nikki Owen name was changed to Erica Court to be written into the story. (If he used her real name there'd probably be lawsuits and restraining orders and crazy complicated stuff... not fun). Then in the writer's story, there's the 2 sides of Erica.. the good and the bad. Newo= bad, Ambellina=good. And that's as far as I'm getting into it.
so you're saying that erica court, ambellina (which im guessing is the blue female character with the red hair... most likly a prise?) and nikki owen which is newo ikkin are ALL the same people with different sides to them...

this can get quite brain twisiting
Yeah, kinda... it goes like nikki owen=erica court (supposedly), then erica=newo and ambellina (ambellina is the blue chick... she is a prise but her wings were burned and she was cast out, but she's still doing her job... this isn't in the GN, it's on the trading cards you could get from hot topic... I knoooow it's so freakin random)
there are trading cards? lol
Yep. Hot Topic gave them away when selling the graphic novel. CoCa=pokemon
i havnt seen advertisment for coheed tranding cards, do they sell them online, id like to check them out
It was briefly mentioned in one of the official newsletters. Ummm I don't think they would be for sale anywhere except ebay... you could always just go into a hot topic and ask if they have any leftover! They were giveaways so I don't think they'd charge you.
so on these trading cards, it says that "nikki owen=erica court (supposedly), then erica=newo and ambellina"?

and does anyone else think that this concept with the writer is absolutely ridiculous? i mean, he seems to be in this world himself, as the souls of the fence are accosting him, so is that and the whole coheed and cambria story going on in his head, or is this world his reality? it feels like either
a) this story is overly complicated for no good reason
b) claudio's gonna pull a lame neverending story deus ex machina at the end.
or was the end claudio getting his head cut off, with nothing wrapping up the writer's story?


October 14 2005, 13:54:17 UTC 11 years ago

Well you're never going to read anything about Nikki Owen. It hasn't been said by Claudio himself so it's always going to be speculation, but it's pretty much what it is. The whole Coheed and Cambria world is in the writer's head, because think of it. It IS. And the whole head-chopping thing... I think that was a metaphor. Like now the writer has made a decision and knows what to do. It's crazy complicated, yeah.
"it IS" doesn't prove much to me. from what i've seen, he's in that world too. i also don't see the writer's persona being decapitated as a metaphor for figuring out what to do. maybe all the doors in a room closing but one, or if someone was between claudio and what he wanted, i can see those as metaphores for a decision being made. being forced to have his head chopped off simply doesn't say that.
i guess i can't just take "it is because it is". it doesn't even make sense, when you think about it. so, yeah. i'm just saying i'm unsatisfied, your response didn't have a single point of evidence. all i can agree with is the "crazy complicated".
first off, when i say Claudio, i mean the cahracter. when i say Sanchez, i mean the actual dude. with that said, here's my perspective.

i personally believe that the Claudio is dreaming of what is happening in his current, past, and present life. when he dreams, The Writer represents Claudio in his own dreams. in the intro of the book, and at the end, there is a guy with electricity (?) coming out of his mouth. that guy represents the character (the character represents Claudio, just as claudio is represented by the writer) choosing some sort of other path that leads him the wrong way. Erica Court represents Newo Ikkin when Claudio is dreaming, and the writer (remember, he's Claudio) can choose just what it is that the future holds, but only through tremendous conflict, and only subconsciously in his dreams. this power is the power that gives him the title of The Crowing. because he has this power when he is dreaming, he doesn't believe that he has the power and doubts himself, to put it lightly.

i hope that was TERRIBLY confusing.
haha... wasn't*