aaron (thatnewcarsmell) wrote in bag_adventures,

i don't know how anyone feels about downloading (or really care that much), but i downloaded the whole new cd and it is off the fucking hook. sooo many new questions arise that i don't even have time to ask. don't worry, though. i'm no dick. i already have the cd, dvd, and shirt pre-orderded and paid for, but who wants to wait for a coheed and cambria cd!?! so if you're the downloading type, buy the cd also, because coheed is one of the most deserving bands there has ever been.
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Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I found out it had leaked. But my friend copied me a CD and I couldn't resist listenning to it!! Its alright though, I already have the CD pre-ordered.
Its great though, the intro always sends shivers down me.
where can we download it?
check many torrent sites.. like mininova

or even simple file sharing sites, like soulseek, or emule.
not that i do that or anything.



September 12 2005, 22:06:03 UTC 11 years ago

oh my god, i have it too. that cd is so amazing, i don't even have words. i have questions too. after reading the story behind them/their band, and listening to the words on the new cd, alot falls into place, but i still have questions. i have everything pre-ordered also, including the new "graphic novel" package on their site. i've had IV for about 2 weeks now and i'm still in shock. fucking amazing.

you know, it's awesome to see someone else as in awe of coheed as i am. everyone thinks i'm a nerd.